Marathon, WI—The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin has updated its logo to make it easier for consumers to identify authentic Wisconsin Ginseng. What’s new? The overall design of the logo has been simplified to providE greater visual impact. The GBW’s pride and passion is reinforced through the larger size eagle and use of patriotic colors, which help consumers identify origin. Font updates increase legibility, and the new design prints with increased clarity. The ® symbol has been integrated directly into the seal design. This is the first update to the logo since its original use in 1991.

The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin licenses the use of its seal to companies that purchase authentic Wisconsin Ginseng. The Seal helps consumers easily recognize brands that are authentic. There is a lot of mislabeling and fraud in the ginseng industry as American Ginseng (the type grown in Wisconsin) is also grown in Canada and China. Since most cultivated Wisconsin Ginseng is exported to foreign markets, this is one-way consumers in those markets can be assured that they are getting real Wisconsin Ginseng.

To further engage consumers and help them understand the benefits and uniqueness of Wisconsin Ginseng, the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin has launched a new website The new website helps consumers around the globe to understand the unique properties of Wisconsin Ginseng, learn about growing practices, meet the growers, find recipes to try Wisconsin Ginseng, learn about the health benefits, and locate places to purchase pure Wisconsin Ginseng. The new website is available in multiple languages so consumers around the world can learn about Wisconsin Ginseng.

“Our industry is constantly fighting trade pirates around the world. This new logo and website will help consumers identify the real Wisconsin Ginseng,” states Robert Kaldunski, the Ginseng Board president. He went on to say that “Wisconsin Ginseng is the gold standard of ginsengs and is highly prized in Asia, especially with the Traditional Asian Medicine sector. It is a natural, healthy herb prized by consumers around the world.”


About Ginseng Board of Wisconsin The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin (GBW) was established in 1986 as a nonprofit organization representing all Wisconsin Ginseng growers. There are approximately 120 ginseng growers in the state. The GBW is funded through a mandatory assessment of ginseng acreage under shade. The GBW is managed by an elected board of seven ginseng producers. The board functions under a marketing order managed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection. Its purpose is research, national and international marketing, new product development, and education. Wisconsin Ginseng is known as the highest-quality Panax quinquefolius in the world and has the reputation for the best quality in the world. Wisconsin is number one in the United States in the production of ginseng, accounting for about 90 to 95 percent of all ginseng produced in the country, and Marathon County is the top ginseng growing county in the state, producing about 95 percent of Wisconsin’s annual crop.

Please direct immediate inquiries to:Jackie Fett, Executive Director Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, 715-443-2444,