Gaining Popularity In Produce Aisles

With increased attention on its stress reducing health benefits and coverage from trending health, cooking, and lifestyle social influencers, Wisconsin Ginseng is rising in awareness and popularity.

From teas and powders, to fresh, frozen, and dried roots ginseng is fast becoming an exciting new ingredient for professional and amateur mixologists and chefs.


98% of American Ginseng in the United States is cultivated from Wisconsin growers annually.

Food Service Promotions

Wisconsin Ginseng can add a bold pop of flavor to your menu and your bottom line. Take advantage of Wisconsin Ginseng’s growing popularity and versatility by featuring ginseng-inspired drinks and dishes on your menu.

The distinctly bold and bitter taste and aromatic qualities of ginseng can add a complex layer of flavor to the simplest of drinks and dishes. Promote Wisconsin Ginseng’s amazing stress reducing benefits and you have a health and flavor boosting powerhouse worth discovering on your menu.

Ordering and handling

Wisconsin Ginseng can be ordered in a variety of sizes. Fresh ginseng is stable, offering you a refrigerated shelf life of up to 10 days. And it is a quality frozen ingredient for months. Dried ginseng roots and powder are also stable for months when stored away from light.

Be Sure You’re Getting The Benefits Of
Authentic Wisconsin Ginseng

Because Wisconsin grown American Ginseng is a premium product, there is a risk that disreputable dealers and manufacturers might represent lesser American Ginseng products from other countries as Wisconsin Ginseng. While these products may be the American Ginseng species, they are not grown in Wisconsin and do not meet the safety guidelines of the United States EPA or the standards set by The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

To have full confidence in any Wisconsin Ginseng product look for this seal from the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin. Or be sure to purchase from this list of trusted and reputable Wisconsin Ginseng manufacturers and dealers.