Buying authentic Wisconsin Ginseng

Wisconsin Ginseng can be purchased fresh or dried, in chunks, slices, pieces, powders, capsules, or whole roots. You’ll also find it on its own or combined with other ingredients in teas and supplements.

Trusted Retailers

Domestic Distributors

Shop online with these U.S. distributors. They are all recognized for carrying authentic Wisconsin grown American Ginseng.


Ginseng & Herb Cooperative

Great Neck Healthy Food Company

Heil Ginseng

Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises, Inc.

Magasam US

Marathon Ginseng International

Prince of Peace

Schumacher Ginseng

Buy wholesale with full confidence

For wholesale purchases of sorted roots up to 25,000 lbs visit the Official Wisconsin Ginseng Showroom


international Distributors

In order to prevent trade piracy of authentic Wisconsin grown American Ginseng, these regional distributors can be counted on to distribute products that carry the official Ginseng Board of Wisconsin Seal.

CR Care Company LTD (Hong Kong)

Cai Zhi Lin (China)

Dean Medicine (Taiwan)


Jappson Enterprise INC (Taiwan)

Juien Guien Trading Company (Taiwan)

Kohkan Pharmaceutical Institute (japan)


Sun E. Herbal Company (Taiwan)

Two Ocean Wellness (Singapore)


Products bearing the official Seal of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin must contain 100% Wisconsin Ginseng, grown and harvested in Wisconsin.

American Ginseng grown on industrialized farms in China, Korea, and Canada does not adhere to the strict guidelines set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or offer the same grading standards as those developed by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin and the United States Department of Agriculture.


The Ginseng Growers listed on this page have opted to provide their information and waived their rights of confidentiality. The information provided on this page is for reference purposes only. While the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin strives to ensure the accuracy of the information, no express or implied warranty is given by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin as to the accuracy of the information. Specifically, the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin does not inspect the quality, purity, and growing location of the Ginseng these growers produce. The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin is not responsible for any claims, losses, or damages of any kind arising from any cause whatsoever in connection with or in use of this information. The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin is entitled to edit or delete all the information on this page without giving any reason, but, by way of example, a reason may include if the Ginseng Grower intentionally or unintentionally mischaracterizes or misrepresents information regarding the quality, purity, and growing location of its Ginseng as determined in the sole discretion of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin.